An Advanced Course in Genius with Kolbe A consult with Nancy Stubbs

  • Launches May 2021 
  • six weeks of live Q&A/facilitation 
  • No self-study option
  • payment plans available over 6 months
  • includes sessions w/ Nancy Stubbs, Ikigai journal and integrity deck;
  • Only offered once a year, l
  • Undauntable U is pre-requisite  
  • Accountability pods
  • Coaching community one month free 
  • Drip content weekly

Course Promise: In this program, you will gain an in-depth understanding of your unique purpose, genius, and address any barriers to showing up in your genius so that you can feel more confident, more joyful, and be more successful as a social change leader. never again allow yourself to be undervalued, overwhelmed, or underutilized. [or other pain points as identified from validation techniques]. so you can fulfill your purpose without burning out. 

This course is still cooking! Please reach out to [email protected] to be

notified when enrollment opens.

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Deep Dive Into Genius

Includes course material and Kolbe Coaching Session with Nancy Stubbs