How do we Get Problems Wrong?

Are we sure that we are solving the problem and not exacerbating the problem with our solution?

Sometimes we need to slow down and really examine and fall in love with the problem as much as our solution.

In this module we'll be looking at:

1) Christine Ortiz's 6 Problems with Problems

2) Donella Meadows' Iceberg Model

3) Karpman's Drama Triangle

And ensure before we move forward that from an equity lens and examining ourselves, that we are spreading and scaling the right innovation.

Get Off the Drama Triangle with Your Problem:

  • Is ideal for the early stages of social change work, when you want to get really clear on what problem it is you want to solve, the system through which you want to introduce change, and your own internal orientation toward it. 
  • Is 100% online and self-paced.
  • Should take about an hour to complete.

6 Problems with Problems

First, we'll want you to take a look at Christine Ortiz's key questions in how our team may be getting our problem wrong and discuss the problem with the team in the right way.

Iceberg Model

Next we want to look at Donella Meadows' iceberg model and see how our interventions and mental models factor into how we have designed our solution. We'll think about how systems are designed to get the results they get, who has the power, and how we might want to modify before we spread and scale.

Drama Triangle

Finally, how do we integrate these ideas into what we are bringing to the table individually? Are we engaging with the system and with our problem from the right perspective? If we are on Karpman's drama triangle, we are unwittingly keeping the problem going. So how can we get off the triangle to be most effective?

Ready to Get Clear