Watch: 100K Homes Case Study

Grab some popcorn and gather 'round for story time!

In this 55 minute video I tell the story of the 100,000 Homes Campaign that I had the honor of leading from its conception in 2009 through its conclusion in 2014. This is not all rainbows and unicorns. Yes, I will share with you some of the strategies and tactics we used and map them to the Model for Unleashing. And I will also reveal areas where my thinking wasn't as evolved as I wish it had been and where my own fears and ego needs got in the way of even bigger impact.

While you're watching this, please print out the handout and use it to jot down notes in the corresponding part of the Model for Unleashing. Keep track of both "that's a great idea - we should adapt that to our context" as well as, "never ever make that mistake that Becky made."

On our zoom call you will have the opportunity to ask questions of me and in your team time you will have the opportunity to discuss what you want to keep and what you want to do differently.

Thank you for watching.

12_Case Study Note Sheet.pdf
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