Watch this first.

This course is in invitation to reflect on how you show up as a leader, for better or for worse, on good days and bad days. We all have them.

We are going to share with you the keys to unlocking your potential so you can make your big dent in the Universe. How to shift out of your reactive limbic brain and back into your creative brain where right relationship is restored and the world gets repaired.

This is may bring up some discomfort for some of you and that's ok. It is a little bit woo woo.

But the woo woo also comes with a can of whoop ass.

Trust me - this is where the rubber meets the road.

This is where the fate of your initiative and your destiny as a leader lie.

Get this right: nothing can stop you.

Screw this up: you'll be tripping over your own shoe-laces until you do.

Depending on your own unique disposition, this course may result in surfacing of some limiting beliefs, facing into some bad habits, reckoning with shitty boundaries, and possibly having some sweaty-palmed conversations that you've been dreading for years.

Please watch this video for an orientation to the course and how we'll work together over the next four weeks.

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